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Developer, designer,

Do you want to be part of the team who is developing an app for world’s best tennis player?

We offer:

Working for best new technology oriented Silicon Valley startups

Fun and exciting projects

Remote work

Teamwork - we believe in knowledge sharing

Four times per year we take a group of our developers and designers to San Francisco to meet our clients and company founders. We want them to feel the beat of Silicon Valley.

Competitive salary

We are one of the fastest-growing IT agencies in Slovenia.

In August 2015 we developed our first app for a SF based company and since then you can find more than 400 projects in our portfolio.

Our most recent clients are:

FLEXPORT (funded $27M capital, investor is Peter Thiel, 100+ people employed)

EDITAS (one of the biggest startup IPO’s in 2016, funded more than $200M)

HINGETO (among others also famous american football player Marshawn Lynch sells his products on their platform)

BOILER ROOM (most popular app for underground music events)

FOODA ($60M yearly revenue, their users are Groupon and United Airlines)

Povio Labs is currently having 35 ‘in-house’ developers and more than 100 freelancers. Due to the new projects, we need to at least double our team number by the end of 2018.

We’re just opening a new office in Pristina, so we are seeking for new people to join us in Kosovo.


Currently we have opened positions for talented/skilled developers to join our team but we also need help on other areas:

- Lead Ruby developer

- Mid - senior Ruby developer

- Frontend developer (React, Angular, Vue)

Looking forward to your application!

Apply on:  poviolabs.com/joinus

Povio Labs
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