Përshkrimi Afati për aplikim: 11.03.2018

Hi Everone!

UFX is one of the greatest platform in the internet for trading with forex and cryptocurrencies. We have recently got for PR, Andres Iniesta. You may check the link :


For Kosovo, we are looking for 20 Agents from across Kosovo that speak English and preferably if they have some experience with Lead Generation.

The work will be done from home for the first 3-6 months.

All the interested ones, should have one simple computer(laptop), and headphones. 

The communication will be done via phone and email. 

The interested ones, have the opportunity to upgrade from a lead generation agent to FTD or RETENTION.

If someone has worked as FTD or RETENTION, please let us know.

For the interested candidates, please send us your cv at: henryufx@gmail.com

Bashkangjit CV (doc,docx,txt,pdf,zip)