Përshkrimi Afati për aplikim: 12.08.2017
FINCA is an American Financial Institution, operating in Eurasia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, serving over 1.7
million clients. In order to increase efficiency in operations, announces the following vacancy:
Job Brief:
The Special Project Manager develops project plans, budget and specifications and executes, manages and oversees the
projects as per agreed deadlines. The Special Project Manager prepares financial and administrative reports, designs,
cooperates with all Departments in delivering of his/her tasks and acts as a project representative. The Special Project
Manager is responsible to provide support to the Management Board in accomplishing FINCA Kosovo’s mission and
Job Requirements:
Main Responsibilities
ï‚· Oversees and manages projects in process, ensuring timelines, terms and specifications are met and that
FINCA’s interests are protected;
ï‚· Defines project goals and objectives, develops budgets and timelines;
ï‚· Performs research and prepares financial and administrative reports;
ï‚· Drafts and keeps minutes of various meetings;
ï‚· Seeks and evaluates information, performs research, coordinates stakeholders and works jointly ensuring
ï‚· Develops and edits various texts;
ï‚· Any other duty assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.
Minimum Qualifications
ï‚· Degree in Business, Law, Economics, Administration
ï‚· Proven experience (of minimum 2 years) in a financial institution
ï‚· Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
ï‚· Excellent knowledge of English and Albanian language, both in spoken and in writing
ï‚· Ability to absorb other duties and challenges and ability to align with FINCA Kosovo processes
A cover letter and CV should be sent to address: FINCA Kosovo, Robert Doll No. 112, 10000 Prishtinë or email:
recruitment@fincakosovo.org. You can also fill out the online application form at Kosovo.FINCA.org Applications

Bashkangjit CV (doc,docx,txt,pdf,zip)